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This science is not fiction... mostly.

A real-life parasite already infects over half of all mammals, including humans. Once inside, this parasite reprograms the brains of its hosts.

A series of volcanic eruptions set off those who are infected and whose body temperatures rise above 99 degrees, causing them to go mad with rage and a need to kill. These “Parasitics” have red irises, acute auditory, and visual abilities. They’re stronger, completely fearless, and they can heal quicker than the uninflected population.

Some of those who are infected are only "Symptomatic." They still possess many of the same enhanced abilities of the Parasitics, but are able to remain in control of their violent desires. However, they’ll need to keep their bodily temperatures below 99 degrees or they, too, will become Parasitic like the others and lose all control.

The MADNESS Chronicles

Welcome to the world of MADNESS. The initial trilogy sets the stage for the world and takes place over a period of two weeks onboard the cruise ship Intrepid. The ship leaves Europe just as the chaos begins, with our main characters, a middle-aged couple (Ted and TJ), finding themselves as front row witnesses to the outbreak. Using their unique skills, they help their ship fight to survive in their changed world overrun by madness.


A very small part of the story has been told onboard a cruise ship. But so much more needs to be written by you in the MADNESS WORLD™. Here are a few possible story ideas:

  • An Apartment Building in a Major City - Imagine the chaos when an outbreak of the Rage disease occurs in a crowded metropolis. First the warm blooded mammals (dogs, cats, rats, birds, etc.) would become violent, then the people. Your story could explore how the unprepared residents of a high-rise condo fight to stick together and push back as Rage sweeps through the area. How would they survive the violence and the danger when anyone, including their next-door neighbor, could become mad?
  • In a Small Town - A hard working family battles against a local bank to stop the pending foreclosure of their farm, when their animals suddenly become parasitic and go mad. But the danger doesn't end there. Their unruly neighbors also become mad, attacking the family in their quest for flesh.
  • At an All-inclusive Resort - An estranged couple struggles to reignite their marriage at a Caribbean resort, but are forced to come together as a team when the island’s monkeys and the other visitors become infected with the Rage disease.
  • Many Years Later - Write the dystopian view of the world when there are few uninfected humans left in a world controlled by the Parasitics and a few Symptomatics. Would humans become cattle? Could they even survive against a stronger and more lethal enemy?
  • Other Locations - Your story could be set in any location around the world (i.e. college dorm, during a hunting trip, in a federal or city government center, in a survival bunker, on location of a movie set, etc.) Let your imagination run wild in this violent world of murder and mayhem. Mission Critical Publishing will then get your book in front of avid readers who are "mad" for more stories in a world they love.


There’s a specific science to the Rage disease that is outlined and explored in the initial MADNESS trilogy. Be sure to read these books. You’re welcome to write anywhere else in the world you'd like, provided the codex of the MADNESS Chronicles is followed. The readers will expect you to follow the rules of the infected world, as outlined in the initial trilogy. The only exception as to location would be onboard the Intrepid where most of the initial trilogy takes place. You can't use that location.