DETAILS: FROZEN WORLD™ Write Your Next Story in this Action-Packed World


A string of supervolcanoes mysteriously erupt south of the equator, blanketing the Earth with layers of volcanic dust that suffocates the sun and ushers in a new ice age.

Even before the temperatures plummet, killer earthquakes level towns, pyroclastic clouds incinerate whole populations, and tsunamis wash away coastal cities.

By the end of the first week, civilized society begins to crumble. Communities around the world are cutoff as all air travel is grounded and every vehicle and machine that relies on clean air to operate is crippled. Soon plants begin to die, leaving behind a starving population to deal with the freezing weather and death that will eventually cover the planet.


An underground community of scientists and their families have endured the decade-long struggle, protected by their intellect, planning, and an impenetrable concrete fortress—a converted missile silo. What they can’t produce themselves, they send their scavengers to find on the surface, picking through the remains of a fallen world.

But they soon learn they are not alone.

Somehow life on the surface found a way to survive. Some banded together and nearly starved in small groups, while others formed larger, more violent sects using force and intimidation to get what they want.

Each day, the citizens of the silo cling to their hope and their rules, fighting desperately to keep their location a secret. Everyone wants what they have. If they can just hang on long enough until their frozen world’s thaws, they are sure a more civilized society will rise once again.

But they couldn’t be more wrong . . .


The Frozen World™ universe is nearly unlimited in scope, location, and its timeline of events, with our initial trilogy exploring only a small portion of life on Earth ten years after The Event.

This unique universe holds countless stories about survival just waiting for your creativity to bring them to life. Your trilogy can be set in almost any location across the planet and take place before, during, or after supervolcanoes trigger the apocalypse.

Horrific earthquakes, giant tsunamis, and ruinous weather are just the start of the possibilities. The world will also face plummeting temperatures as the apocalypse marches forward, leading our world into a mini ice age after the atmosphere is filled with ash.

Here are a few possible ideas to kindle your imagination:

Before the Frozen World™: When the Volcanoes Erupt

  • A Couple Backpacking the Appalachians - When the clouds and the rain set in, the couple believe it’s just a bit of bad weather. When it starts to snow in the middle of summer, they know something’s wrong. They begin a three-day walk back to civilization but soon find out that society as they knew it is collapsing.
  • A Freighter Near South America - The Brazilian captain of a small cargo ship is looking to score big on his next load to Los Angeles, even though his human smuggling operation is not exactly legal. When a supervolcano blows its top south of the equator, a massive tsunami hits and damages their ship. They limp along while temperatures drop, attempting to make it back to a coastal city they know will be in ruins after the massive tidal wave wiped out everything.
  • Friends Hiking Across Europe - A group of college roommates find themselves stranded in Italy during their hiking trip when supervolcanoes fill the sky with ash. Air travel around the world is immediately grounded due to the volcanic dust. Vehicle engines won’t fair well either, taking society down along with the lack of working machinery. When the backpackers realize the atmosphere won’t clear anytime soon, they decide to band together and head home to America on foot. None of the millennials have survival skills, nor do they speak the local languages they encounter, but they must find a way to fight against the danger they will face along the way.
  • Survivalist Compounds - For years, a pair of rival groups had been prepping for the apocalypse. One camp trained for a global pandemic, while the other focused on a grid-down scenario. Both compounds thought they were ready for just about anything, but they were wrong when supervolcanoes took the planet back to an ice age. Now it’s a year into the big freeze and their food and supplies are running low. Their only choice is to attack the other compound and steal whatever supplies remain.

After the Frozen World™: When the World is Starting to Thaw

  • Dystopian Survival Scenario - How would your characters survive in a world where the sun has been cloaked for over a decade and is just now starting to reemerge?
  • Island in the Pacific - An advanced research facility on an island in the Pacific is one of the few places where the trade winds, location, elevation, and other random factors kept the temperatures from becoming blistering cold. A small team of scientists has been trapped there for years, cut off from the rest of the world and unable to escape. They’ve survived giant waves, earthquakes and even pirates. Some have accepted their fate and don’t want to leave the protection of the island. Others will try to find a way home to their families, even if means leaving their colleagues behind and vulnerable.
  • Lords and Ladies - Years after the big thaw started, a renewed feudal system has taken over Canada to replace the extinct government. Those who control large tracks of land become overlords, wielding their power and wealth without mercy. Scores of "Desperates" sign their lives away, agreeing to work the overlord's land in exchange for food, water, and shelter. Sir Walter Ballinger is the most powerful land baron, running everything from his palace in the hills above Hamiton, Ontario. Dundurn Castle is a fortress, giving Ballinger a false sense of security. Little does he know, a revolt is about to spring forth, led by a young Asian woman who has studied Karate and countless history books.
  • Utopian Ressurection - Decades after the world had been wiped clean of the pestilence known as modern society, an opulent city has risen up and provides protection to all its citizens — for a price. What might that look like?


Although there’s a scientific basis to the Frozen World™ that will be explored in our initial trilogy, you’re pretty open to tell your story in any way you’d like. You’re welcome to write about a location anywhere across the planet, except for Tucson, Arizona and Yellowstone Park. The readers will expect you to follow the rules of the Frozen World™ as detailed in our initial release, so be sure to have the outline of your trilogy reviewed and approved first.