DETAILS: BUNKER WORLD™ Write Your Next Story in this Best-Selling MCP™ World


Society falls after a government sellout leads to nationwide grid failure and chaos. The treachery started years earlier with backroom secrets and media lies, then grew into a desperate deal with foreign powers to keep a bankrupt culture afloat.

The power elite thought their plan would save them and their money. But of course, when you’re dealing with unscrupulous enemies, those types of deals are just the opposite.

Now everyday citizens across the country must fend for themselves as a foreign invasion rolls into their towns. Murder and mayhem are the result, leaving the unprepared running for cover. Some take refuge in doomsday bunkers, while others turn to those with the skills and the weapons to keep them alive.


The initial 5-part saga was told from the perspective of one small town in Colorado. But this is a nationwide invasion by China and Russia, leaving many other cities and scenarios unexplored as they deal with their own version of this same nightmare. So much more needs to be written by you in the BUNKER WORLD™. Here are a few possible story locations and setup ideas:

  • Rugby Game in Wichita, Kansas - Imagine the chaos when an EMP hits the area just before China invades this city on a casual afternoon. Your story could explore how the rival members of the city's two most feared teams must come together at a downtown city park and fight against a common foe without any advance warning. One of the players has a dad who owns an underground lab nearby, where they can all hunker down and figure out a plan.
  • Courthouse Steps in Mountain Home, Idaho - A hated defense attorney is addressing the local news media after winning a signature case in Elmore County when the grid fails and a Russian convoy rolls into town, shooting everyone in sight. The lawyers, defendant, and media must take refuge in the fallout shelter under the courthouse, then figure out how to stay alive during the days that follow.
  • Charleston, South Carolina - An afternoon wedding reception at the historic Hotel Bennett is interrupted with a power outage just minutes before a battalion of unknown troops march into town, taking over the streets. The hotel staff leads the guests to the storm basement of the grand old building where they band together and try to survive.
  • Tucson, Arizona - A band of heavily-armed survivalists are finishing their week-long wilderness training on the top of Mount Lemmon, when they witness explosions and gunfire in the valley below. Each member of the group must find a way home through the chaos to rescue their families, using a series of prepper compounds and bunkers along the way.
  • Other Locations - Your story could be set in any location around the USA where there is a nearby military base and at least one underground facility, fallout shelter, or doomsday bunker that can come into play during the story. Let your imagination run wild in this world of government betrayal and mayhem. Mission Critical Publishing™ will then get your book in front of avid readers who are just dying to read more stories in a world they love.


There’s a specific mythology to the invasion that is outlined and explored in the initial BUNKER 5-part release. Be sure to read the books and brush up on it. You’re welcome to write anywhere else in the USA you'd like, provided the codex of the BUNKER WORLD™ is followed. The readers will expect you to follow the rules of the invasion and who is behind it (and why,) as outlined in the initial release. The only exception as to location would be the town of Clearwater, Colorado, where most of the initial story takes place. You can't use that location.

The 5-part series released by Jay J. Falconer includes a character named Jack Bunker. This character can only be mentioned in passing or make a brief cameo appearance in your trilogy, provided his involvement fits the story and timeline presented in the initial release. It would be better to create your own scenario and characters somewhere else in the USA, employing an underground facility, fallout shelter, or doomsday "bunker" along the way.