HAVE QUESTIONS? MCP has the answers:

Why is The Perfect Launch Plan™ revolutionary?

Our process is revolutionary because of the science behind it. We've invested years of research and testing, formulating a plan that specifically targets Amazon and its book recommendation engine. Traditional publishers fail to do this and so do most indie authors, which is why their sales on Amazon are not what they could be.

Amazon is king when it comes to selling books and authors who want to generate top-100 sales in their genre must target Amazon's book engine properly, otherwise their sales will suffer or be nonexistent. Sure, you could rely on random luck or spend piles of money on advertising, but you are far more likely to be successful if you deploy a precisely calibrated plan, like we do, to maximize sales using the secrets we’ve uncovered. When you join our team, we use those secrets to maximize your sales. We never leave anything to chance, not when our time and money is on the line.

The Perfect Launch Plan™ is a proprietary recipe of story development, audience targeting, the psychology and power of titles, release timing, sales-driven marketing, newsletters and automation, genre-specific cover design, professional editing, sizzling blurbs, and our popular Shared Worlds—worlds already stuffed with voracious readers just waiting to buy the next book.

We combine the hottest trends in indie publishing with the best practices from traditional publishing, then we mix in our insider secrets, allowing us to uniquely focus on the readers and what they want. It starts by crafting the kinds of stories the readers crave and doing so in Shared Worlds where the readers already exist. Next, we title and package each book to properly target the readership, then we launch each book with a specific mission plan that's designed to trigger Amazon's book recommendation engine. That's key if you want Amazon to market your book to readers across the planet. You must trigger their internal algorithms to do the work for you. Only when you do all of this will your next release have the best chance of reaching best-seller status.