Mission Critical Publishing™
Brings the Readers to You
With its Multi-Step Process

1. Our Perfect Launch Plan™

Are you looking to sell more books on Amazon or figure out why the readers haven't yet discovered you? Then you've come to the right place. We can help.

Success on Amazon is no accident. Nor is it luck, especially for indie authors. We know, because we've been there just like you, searching for answers. Then we went to work, studying why some books struck gold while others didn't. It took years of research and testing but the answers finally came together in what we call our Perfect Launch Plan.

The Perfect Launch Plan is a revolutionary process we've used on our own books and now it can be applied to yours as well, helping to send your next release rocketing to the stars using the secrets our team has uncovered.

Our process is a proprietary blend of story development, audience targeting, the psychology and power of titles, release timing, sales-driven marketing, newsletters and automation, genre-specific cover design, professional editing, sizzling blurbs, and our popular Shared World—worlds already stuffed with voracious readers just waiting to buy your work.

Best of all, the Perfect Launch Plan is available at no out-of-pocket cost to you. All you have to do is join our team of talented authors and you'll receive:

  • Precise audience targeting for your books
  • Dazzling covers for eBook, print book, and audio book
  • Professional editing, proofreading, and formatting
  • Proprietary marketing and powerful advertising
  • Ready-made audiences
  • Zero out-of-pocket cost to you

2. The Financial Backing

We are so sure that our Perfect Launch Plan will launch your books to new heights, we put our money on the line and we do so up front. We never ask you for a single penny. We cover the costs of producing, publishing, and marketing your books, while you focus on writing the stories in our Shared Worlds—worlds filled with an audience just waiting for your next book.

Imagine your next release getting flooded with sales from readers who are already lined up and ready to buy, with zero out-of-pocket cost to you. Now that's a publishing deal worth its weight in gold.

And don't forget, we split the profits 50/50, which means we don't make money unless you do. This keeps our team focused and committed to you and your stories. We won't rest until we send your books rocketing toward the stars.


3. The Production & Marketing

As soon as your stories are written, we go to work, unleashing our team of experts to give your books the professional advantage they deserve. We start by crafting the perfect titles, then we design dazzling covers and write powerful blurbs, all precisely calibrated to maximize sales on Amazon.

Next, just like NASA, our engineers design a specialized launch plan around your books, planning their trajectory all the way to best-seller status. Success is in the details and in the timing, and our Perfect Launch Plan has been formulated for both.


4. Ready-Made Audiences

With our Perfect Launch Plan, nothing is left to chance, not even the readers. Because your books are set in one of our popular Shared Worlds, you can count on a virtual sea of readers who are primed and ready to buy. As an added benefit, once they've devoured your release, our voracious readers will usually buy your other work, becoming lifelong fans.

We'll also deploy our extensive email list to help push your release up the charts. We've spent years building it, making sure every name belongs to an avid reader. We're talking about the kind of reader who is sitting by their device, just waiting to buy your next book.

All you have to do is join us and write your stories. Our team and our loyal readers will take over, driving your books up the rankings and triggering Amazon's internal algorithms to promote your work to the rest of the planet.

It really is this simple when you're part of the winning team at Mission Critical Publishing.


5. A Proven Plan for Success

Why stumble around in the dark, trying to reinvent the wheel, when our Perfect Launch Plan offers you everything you need? Our process is a proven blend of teamwork, planning, and avid readers. We've spent years developing our proprietary system, allowing us to maximize Amazon’s internal algorithms to benefit YOU and YOUR work. Our one and only goal is to sell more of your books than ever before. When you join our team, you'll receive:

  • The Financial Backing
  • The Production and Marketing
  • Ready-Made Audiences
  • Zero Out-of-Pocket Cost
  • Profits Split 50/50

6. Launch Your Career Today!

There's no reason to go it alone anymore, hoping that when you press the publish button, your books find an audience and strike gold. You've worked much too hard not to have the kind of sales and readership you deserve.

It's time to join the winning team. Right now. Today. Our experts are standing by to help, and it won't cost you a single penny.

But don't wait too long. Our team of talented authors is growing rapidly and the available spots are filling up.



What kind of author is MCP looking for?

Fiction authors who are motivated to become best-sellers, gain new readership, and find true satisfaction in writing their stories. We are looking for hard-working self-starters who are open to suggestions and can excel in a team environment. If you are driven to succeed and write some form of action fiction every day, then you are exactly the type of author we want on our team.



Ready-Made Audiences With Avid Readers


Cyber-attacks, EMPs and a foreign invasion bring havoc to America, forcing a drifter with a checkered past to take up arms against the invaders to protect a small town that needs his help.

This world is expansive and ongoing, with rabid readers just waiting to buy every new book in this world. Will they be yours?



A parasitic infection causes most of the world's mammals to go mad with violence... then humans go mad, too.

With the entire world as your creative playground, you'll have plenty of options to create the next best-selling story of horror and triumpth, survival and love, or simply murder and mayhem. The choice is yours.



A soon to be released trilogy set on Earth after an epic new ice age has taken down society. It's a world where good faces off with evil at every turn.

Your stories could cover what happened before, during, or after the apocalypse. Again, it's up to you. Let your creativity flow and come join our team of successful authors.




    An award winning and USA Today Bestselling Author of apocalyptic thrillers and horror. Six of his ten books have hit #1 on Amazon in multiple categories.


    An award-winning screenwriter and USA Bestselling Author whose books have hit #1 on Action & Adventure, Military Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Young Adult, and Men's Adventure fiction.


    Full-time producer and the voice of MCP Worlds, with countless improvised and sketch comedy performances, plays, multimedia projects, commercials, and audio books to his credit.


    Professional marketer, recruiter, internet and social media expert, programmer, prepper, firearm enthusiast, world traveler, inventor, scuba diver, and post-apocalyptic author.


    A veteran of ficton writing who has spent the last eleven years in traditional pulishing, penning her unique brand of science fiction and fantasy.


    An Amazon Australia #1 Best-Selling author, Sci-Fi junkie, and workaholic who has written numerous speculative and post-apocalytpic titles since 2011.


    An accomplished Sci-Fi author with a long list of credits to her name, penning everything from post-apocalyptic thrillers to fantasy and time-travel sagas.


    A successful Science Fiction Author known for his captivating dystopian and post-apocalyptic storylines, including the popluar Dead State Series.


    A die-hard survivalist, weapons expert, and Gold Medalalist for Best Terrorism Thriller in the 2016 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards.


    A former technical manual writer who has made the transition to fiction writing. He's an exceptional new talent with a work ethic second to none.